Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dubai Man Gets World's Quickest Divorce

A man in Dubai applied for divorce a mere seconds after he had been married to his bride.  The reason:  he did not want his Wife to work after marriage, and his father-in-law demanded that she be allowed to work.  From Emirates 24/7 News:

Just after he stepped out of court where he got married, he stepped into another court next door and divorced her.
When he was asked by the divorcing judge how long he has been married to his wife, he did not hesitate when he replied “just seconds.” And he was quick in correcting the judge when he told him “my ex-wife.”
His reason for what could be the quickest divorce in the UAE was that he was forced by his bride’s father to allow her to keep her job.
Apparently, the man's request for divorce was granted.

In Florida, there is generally a 20-day waiting period between the time that a petition for divorce is filed and the time that a final judgment granting dissolution of marriage will be entered.  However, under section 61.19, Florida Statutes, a judge, on a showing that injustice would result from this waiting period, may enter a final judgment granting the divorce at an earlier date.

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