Friday, April 13, 2012

British Divorce Courts Require Allegation of Fault; This is the Result

Apparently, England requires parties to allege a fault before a family law court will grant a divorce.  Over at my general Florida family law news blog, ABC Family Law Blog, I described some of the allegations found in the public records:

  • A husband insisted that his wife dress in a Klingon costume and speak to him in Klingon;
  • A wife maliciously and repeatedly served her husband the food he least liked: tuna casserole;
  • A wife spitefully tampered with her husband’s television antenna and, even worse, threw away his cold cuts;
  • A husband usurped control of the parties’ washing machine and dismissed her revulsion of cold cuts;
  • A husband failed to speak with his wife for 15 years and, instead, only communicated with her via Post-It note;

  • A wife flirted with and inappropriately touched anyone in the construction business, all the while claiming that she could not help herself;
  • A husband “insisted that his pet tarantula, Timmy, slept in a glass case next to the matrimonial bed,” even when his wife requested “that Timmy sleep elsewhere;”
  • A husband had terrible body odor;
  • A husband would not share the TV remote control;
  • A husband was “obsessive in attention to detail and used to comb the fringes of the rug;”
  • A spouse “is unreasonably demanding sex every night from the [other spouse], which is causing friction between the parties;”
  • A 6’3″ husband was dressing up in and stretching out his (substantially smaller) wife’s clothes.
Unlike England, Florida is a no fault divorce jurisdiction.  This means that parties do not need to allege a harm, such as abandonment or abuse, to be granted a divorce.  Rather, all that is generally needed is a simple allegation that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

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  1. It is a provision that has to be dealt with in accordance with this proceeding. It is very different from the laws here in the United States.

  2. These allegations are quite on the peculiar side. I wonder if these allegations on both sides will stand a credible case in court.

  3. divorce is complicated.

  4. we need to fix our laws on this.

  5. I don't think these are serious reasons to get a divorce but it is just right to have a sensible reason why you want a divorce. Some family lawyers perth has are my friends and they sometimes complain of clients wanting to get a divorce today and then get back together the following day. It isn't just a game.