Saturday, February 12, 2011

India: Too Hot To Handle

Florida, like most states in the U.S., allows for no fault divorces.  This means that a spouse is not required to provide a reason for divorce as long as he or she states that the marriage is irretrievably broken.  However, many countries still require a statement of fault.

In India, cruelty is one reason that a court may grant a divorce.  According to the Daily News and Analysis,  one husband was granted a divorce because a court found that it was cruel of his wife to wear a revealing dress during their honeymoon.  The husband pled that his wife "dressed herself in a very vulgar manner and when he asked her to change the dress she retorted that she had dressed herself that way to be noticed by at least 50 people."

The court explained its ruling:

"Cruelty includes not only physical but mental cruelty as well. Ostensibly, she (wife) has indulged in bloating falsehood beyond proportions.
"The nature of cruelty suffered by the petitioner (husband) is partly physical and predominantly mental. So, it is held that he has been treated with cruelty by respondent (wife) after solemnisation of their marriage."

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  1. One can see the conflict of these western and modern influences that clashes with the traditional identity of India.

  2. No fault divorces, in my opinion, completely undermine the essence of commitment in marriage. I think couples should always provide a valid reason, wherever they live.